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United Crafted Artist Agency, LLC is truly an “exclusive” boutique agency. Our roster is small, very small. We do not represent weak, ill-prepared, or unprofessional actors. Not one! Each time a United Crafted Artist actor auditions, he/she represents the entire agency. Our reputation, our talent’s reputations, depend on the consistent excellence of every actor we represent. We have never submitted and will not submit a bad audition.

Most often, before an agency signs an actor, they will provide talent with a short scene and then, ask the actor to present that scene in person. United Crafted Artist Agency will do the same. However, we will also ask much more of you. If you are being considered for representation by our agency you will be provided material at your professional level and then asked to submit that material as a self-taped audition as well as in the room. You may be asked to participate in a live improvisational audition with other United Crafted Artist Agency talent. A personal interview and professional reference check are also required. The point of all this is simple; we want to know who you are and the level of work you are capable of competing for in film and television. If you are a working actor (which also includes auditioning actors), you may submit, upon request, demos reels or previous auditions as representations of your work.

Background actors/extras, don’t even think about submitting.

To date, United Crafted Artist Agency"s talent has booked dozens of films and television shows. We’ve been around for nearly four years, grinding, building our reputation, developing relationships with casting offices, learning how this market really works, and how to position our talent to best compete for that work.

If you’re ready, contact us; fat, skinny, pretty, funny-looking, black, white, young, old, LGBT, Asian, Latino, disabled, or other, we welcome your submission.